Bridget Arena

   Cheryl Jolineau

Co-Vice Presidents

​    Rebecca Heneghan

   Jen Huber

Corresponding Director
    Milka Chukurov

Wenday Locascio


Co-Communication Directors

    Michelle Tullett-Charley

    Open Position


Board Members 2019/2020

What is the PTO? 

A non-for profit organization run by Lincoln parents, teachers and staff. Our sole purpose is to help support and fund social and educational opportunities that may not be available otherwise.

How is it funded? 
Our yearly membership dues are $35 per family and $15 for teachers. This is a main source of funding, and every effort given back to the students relies on the success of the number of PTO members. Being part of the PTO gives you a unique opportunity to have a voice and participate in enriching your students experience at Lincoln.

How your child benefits from the PTO?
In addition to providing the annual student/parent directory for members (online this year), the PTO :

  • Supports and sponsors events and activities throughout the year including the Mid-of-Mid event for 7th graders, and the promotion dance and "Power" for 8th graders.
  • Provides a website and Facebook page offering information and updates on school activities and opportunities.
  • Hosts teacher appreciation events, and provides gifts, recognition and support to educators and school staff.
  • Supports the District 64 Early Learning Foundation (ELF) and funds vital educational tools. Recent purchases include 10 ipads, $1,000 in Fitness Center equipment, and most recently, a cart so all music classes can utilize that department's Smart Board.

meeting schedule 2019/2020

Come meet the new PTO and find out what's new for the coming year.


Please join us for our PTO meetings.  These meetings are open to all parents and staff of Lincoln Middle School.  If there is a topic or an issue you would like to bring to this meeting, please email our Presidents or our general  We hope to see you there.

Lincoln PTO 2020-2021
PTO Meetings are in Lincoln LRC 7pm-8pm

Meetings for 2020-2021 TBD